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Navigating Workbooks and Hyperlinks
Navigating Between Worksheets in a Workbook
Navigating between workbook sheets in Excel Services is very similar to the way you navigate in Excel
client. You use the same worksheet tabs and controls to scroll the worksheet tabs. The only difference is
that the server does not have the Insert Worksheet tab, because adding worksheets is not supported in
Excel Services.
The sheet tabs appear only when you save a workbook and choose to show the entire workbook or
specific sheets in the browser. If you choose to show only specific sheets in the browser, the sheet tabs for
the other sheets are not displayed. If you choose to show only specific items in the browser, sheet tabs
are not displayed at all.
If your workbook has more sheet tabs than can fit within the window, you can scroll through the sheet
tabs just as you would in Excel. You have the option of scrolling or tabbing to the left or right, or moving
to the first or last sheet tab.
Try It Out Switching Between Worksheets
To switch between worksheets, follow these steps:
Open the original Sales Report.xlsx workbook in Excel client and publish it to the server. Ensure
that you have the Open In Excel Services option checked so that the browser opens with the
workbook displayed.
In the browser, select the tab for the second sheet, Sales by Reseller Type. Excel Services returns
the second sheet in the browser.
Switching Between Items in a Workbook
So far in this chapter, you published the workbook with the entire workbook set to display in the
browser. You can also publish the workbook with only specific items shown in the browser. When you
do this, EWA displays the workbook in what is called Named Item view. In this view, you do not have
access to the sheet tabs. Instead, there is a drop-down control on the toolbar that lets you switch between
the various items you selected at publish. This mode is unique to Excel Services, and does not exist
in the Excel client.
In the following Try It Out, you use the example workbook provided to publish the workbook with only
certain named items visible. Then you view the results in the browser and toggle between the named
Try It Out Switching Items in a Workbook
To switch items in a workbook, follow these steps:
In Excel, open the sample Sales Report.xlsx workbook provided with this topic.
Open the Publish To Excel Services dialog box and click the Excel Services Options button.
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