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Navigating Workbooks and Hyperlinks
When the workbook opens in the browser, only the items you selected are displayed (see
Figure 10-4). Even though the PivotTable is in the middle of the workbook, you cannot see
any other cells around it. There are no sheet tabs at the bottom of the workbook.
On the toolbar, change from RegionalSalesPivot to SalesByRegionChart in the View menu.
Figure 10-4
How It Works
As you learned in Chapter 9, tables, PivotTables, charts, and named consecutive ranges are each
considered an item in the workbook that you can choose to show or hide when publishing to Excel Services. As
soon as you choose to show only specific items in the workbook (in the Excel Services Options dialog
box), the workbook is displayed in the browser in Named Item view. In this view, the sheets tabs are not
available, and only a single named item is displayed at a time.
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