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Navigating Workbooks and Hyperlinks
There are a couple of limitations worth noting. First, Excel (and, thus, Excel Services) supports only
names that do not contain a space. Second, if you have more than one item with the same name (for
example, two charts on different sheets can have the same chart name), you can view only one of them
in the browser. If you try to publish the workbook and choose two items with the same name to be
shown, you get an error message.
Working with Hyperlinks
Excel Services supports hyperlinks, as well as navigating within a workbook and to external workbooks
or sites. This is very natural, given that you are viewing the workbook in the browser.
Hyperlinks are supported both when you display the entire workbook, as well as when you display only
specific items in the workbook. In the latter case, if you try to click a link to a range or a cell in a range
that is not defined to be displayed on the server, you receive an error.
A few types of hyperlinks are not supported by Excel Services. The server loads workbooks that contain
these hyperlinks, but you cannot click them. Following are the hyperlinks that Excel Services does not
Hyperlinks that directly link to another workbook or a cell within another workbook
Hyperlinks that are relative to the workbook file path
Hyperlinks that might contain malicious material (such as JavaScript)
Another discrepancy between the client and the server is that when you click a hyperlink to a range or
column, the full column or range is not highlighted in the browser, as it is in Excel client.
Hyperlinks to the current workbook open within the same browser window and instance of EWA.
Hyperlinks to external locations open in a new browser window.
In the following Try It Out, you learn how to use a hyperlink to navigate to a different location in the
workbook, and to a web page that is outside of the workbook. For this example, use the sample
workbook provided with this topic.
Try It Out Working with Hyperlinks
To work with hyperlinks, follow these steps:
Open Sales Report.xlsx in Excel client.
Publish the workbook to the server and ensure that the Open In Excel Services option is
In the browser, switch to the Introduction sheet. The hyperlinks are displayed as shown in
Figure 10-5.
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