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Navigating Workbooks and Hyperlinks
Figure 10-5
Click the Company Web Site hyperlink. A separate browser window opens, displaying the
Microsoft site.
Click the Sales by Reseller Type hyperlink to go to that table.
You can also use hyperlinks to work around an Excel limitation. Excel supports hyperlinks to other places
in the same workbook. Those places can be either named ranges or cell references. This does not include
named items such as charts or tables. If you want to navigate to a chart or table item, create a hyperlink to
a cell that is within that table, or on which the chart is placed. This hyperlink takes you to the specific item
when you are viewing a workbook in the browser using Excel Services in Named Item view.
Working with Grouped Rows and Columns
Expanding and collapsing grouped rows and columns is sometimes called outline mode in Excel client.
On the server, as on the client, you can expand and collapse any existing grouped rows or columns
defined in the workbook. As with other features, you cannot change, add, or remove groupings from
within the browser.
In the following Try It Out, you work with grouped rows and columns in the browser, using the example
workbook as a starting point.
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