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Try It Out Working with Grouped Rows and Columns
To work with grouped rows and columns, follow these steps:
Open the original Sales Report.xlsx workbook in Excel client and publish it to the server. Ensure
that you have the Open In Excel Services option selected so the browser opens with the
workbook displayed. If you already published the workbook, you can simply open it in the browser
directly from the document library on the server.
Switch to the Regional Sales Table sheet. This is the next-to-last sheet, so you may need to scroll
to it. The sheet has the sales table grouped by region using Excel’s grouping and subtotaling
Publish the workbook to the server and ensure that you have the Open In Excel Services option
In the browser, you can expand and collapse the groups just like in Excel. Start by expanding
the Northeast group. The details for that region are displayed, as shown in Figure 10-6.
Figure 10-6
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