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Working with Workbook Parameters
Try It Out Defining Workbook Parameters
To define a workbook parameter, follow these steps:
Open the original Sales Report.xlsx sample workbook in Excel client.
Switch to the Sales By Reseller Type sheet. Column N contains forecast numbers for Q4/06
sales. The forecast takes the values from the previous quarter and multiplies them by Forecast,
an Excel name for the cell on the Source Data Tables sheet.
Open the Office menu and select Publish To Excel Services from the Publish fly-out menu.
Click the Excel Services Options button.
Switch to the Parameters tab, as shown in Figure 10-13.
Click the Add button. The list of available, valid named cells is displayed. As you can see in
Figure 10-14, there is only one named cell available to be a parameter.
Check the Forecast box.
Figure 10-13
Figure 10-14
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