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Working with Workbook Parameters
Click OK. Forecasts are now displayed in the list of workbook parameters, as shown in
Figure 10-15.
Save the workbook to the server. Ensure that you have the Open In Excel Services option
selected. (You use this workbook again in an upcoming Try It Out.)
Figure 10-15
How It Works
When you chose to add a workbook parameter, Excel looked for all the available parameters to display
in the list. The available parameters are those named cells that meet the criteria described earlier in the
section. The list does not include any cells previously chosen to be workbook parameters. If no valid
cells are available, the error message shown in Figure 10-16 is displayed.
Figure 10-16
Next, you use the newly created workbook parameter in the browser to change the discount percentage
and see the effect on the discount price.
Changing Workbook Parameters in the Browser
When you publish a workbook that contains parameters to the server, it opens in the browser with the
Parameters task pane visible. The Parameters task pane lists all of the workbook parameters and lets you
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