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Working with Workbook Parameters
change the value for each. You cannot edit the value directly in the cell grid. Though the Parameter task
pane is displayed by default, you can minimize it to view more of the workbook.
When you change one or more parameters and apply the changes, the values are entered into their
respective cells. If the workbook calculation mode is Automatic, the changes trigger a recalculation of
the workbook and the updated results are displayed. Otherwise, you must manually choose to
recalculate the workbook (see the “The Excel Web Access Toolbar” section, later in this chapter).
The Parameters task pane has of the following limitations:
When you enter values in the task pane, you must include the relevant formatting. Thus, to
specify 20%, you must type 20% .
Because names can’t have spaces, the definition of the parameter can sometimes be cryptic to
the user. To work around this, you can use the Name Manager to enter a comment for the
defined name in Excel client. The comment is displayed as a tool tip when you hover over the
parameter name in the task pane.
Parameters in the task pane are displayed in alphabetical order by their names. You cannot
manually sort them.
You are limited to 255 workbook parameters per workbook.
You do not need to enter values for every parameter before clicking Apply. Leaving a parameter
blank means the value is unchanged.
Because leaving a parameter blank means the value is unchanged, there is no way to clear a
parameter cell.
The only way to revert to the original value for a parameter is to reload the workbook using the
toolbar, as described in the following section, “The Excel Web Access Toolbar.” However, when
you do this, any previous workbook interactions are lost.
In the following Try It Out section, you change the Forecast parameter in the browser and see the effect
on the 2006 fourth quarter sales projections. Continue from the browser page that opened after you
published the workbook at the end of the previous Try It Out (see Figure 10-17).
Try It Out Changing Workbook Parameters
To change a workbook parameter, follow these steps:
Switch to the Sales By Reseller Type sheet if it is not already displayed.
In the Parameters pane, enter 20% for the Forecast.
Click Apply. The workbook recalculates and the forecast sales for the fourth quarter in 2006 is
To familiarize yourself with using the Parameters pane, minimize and maximize it by clicking
the arrow bar along the left edge of the pane.
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