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Interactivity and Char ting
Interactivity and Charting
Excel Services does not support interacting directly with charts in the browser. For example, you cannot
change the chart type or the formatting on an existing chart. In addition, you cannot interact with a
PivotChart. However, charts are updated if the source data they use changes.
A chart or PivotChart is updated in Excel Services in the following cases:
The chart or a PivotChart points to data in a PivotTable and you refresh or change that data.
The chart points at data in a table and you use EWA to apply a filter to one of the columns in
the table.
The chart points at data that has a workbook parameter defined in it, or has calculations based
on a workbook parameter in it, and you change that parameter.
The Excel Web Access Toolbar
You can use the EWA toolbar when you view a workbook in the browser through either the viewer page
or the EWA Web Part directly on a custom page. The toolbar provides access to a number of features. As
you have already seen, the toolbar contains the navigation controls for both navigating within a sheet
and navigating between named objects. It also gives you access to the online product help. In addition,
the toolbar includes the following functions:
Opening the workbook in Excel
Opening a snapshot of the workbook in Excel
Refreshing the data sources in the workbook
Refreshing the selected data source in the workbook
Calculating the workbook
Reloading the workbook file
Finding data in the workbook
Accessing help
Chapter 11 discusses opening a snapshot of a workbook. And you used the Refresh options on the
toolbar earlier in this chapter, in the “Using PivotTables” section. This section focuses on the remaining
features available in the toolbar.
Using the Toolbar to Open a Workbook in Excel
The first option on the toolbar is opening the workbook in Excel. This option is only available if you
have permission to open the original workbook file. You should open the workbook in the client if you
want to do the following:
Save the state of the workbook, including any changes you may have made through interacting
with it.
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