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Reloading the Workbook File
As you learned earlier in the topic, when you open a workbook in Excel Services, it is loaded into
memory and a user session is created for you. This means that as long as you are working in the
context of that session, you do not see any changes made to the original workbook file by the
workbook author.
There may be cases in which you would like to load the latest version of the workbook to view any
changes that were made. You can do this within EWA by using the Reload Workbook toolbar option.
An important thing to keep in mind is that when you reload a workbook, you lose state information,
including any previous workbook interactivity. The workbook is loaded in the state it was saved.
Thus, if you expanded on a PivotTable or set parameters, those changes are lost.
In the following Try It Out, you first create and publish a simple workbook to the server. You then
change the workbook using Excel client, while viewing it in the browser. After you save the workbook,
you use the Reload Workbook option to view the changes you made.
Try It Out Reloading a Workbook
To reload a workbook, follow these steps:
Open Excel client and start a blank workbook.
In cell A1, type Hello World .
Publish the workbook to your server and ensure that you have the Open In Excel Services
option selected.
View the workbook in the browser.
Keeping the browser window open, return to the client and type Goodbye in cell A1.
Publish the workbook to your server again. This time, uncheck the Open In Excel Services
option to deselect it.
Return to the browser. The workbook in the browser still shows Hello World in cell A1.
In the Excel Web Access toolbar, select Reload Workbook from the Refresh menu.
The workbook is loaded from the document library again and picks up the changes you made.
Cell A1 now displays Goodbye.
If you had paged through the workbook or performed any interactivity, that state would have been lost
when you reloaded the workbook.
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