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How It Works
When you originally opened the workbook in the browser, Excel Services loaded the file from the
document library into memory. Any operations you perform on the workbook in the browser from that point
on are done on the workbook that is in the session memory. When you saved the workbook to the
document library with the updated values, the workbook in memory is not affected. That is why you did not
see any changes in the workbook. This is true even if you were to interact with the workbook or page
through it. When you selected the Reload Workbook option, Excel Services closed the current session
and cleared the workbook copy from memory. It then loaded the workbook from the document library
again, and you saw the updated version.
Finding Data in a Workbook
The Find feature in Excel Services operates much like Find in Excel client. However, it is very limited
when compared to the client. Excel Services supports only finding strings of text. It does not provide the
broad range of functionality supported by the client, such as finding formatting or controlling the scope
of the search.
When you use the Find function on the server, it searches within the active sheet, and only within ranges
marked as visible on the server.
In the following Try It Out, you use the Find command on the toolbar to find a specific value in the
sample workbook.
Try It Out Finding Data in a Workbook
To find data in a workbook, follow these steps:
Open the original Sales Report.xlsx workbook in Excel client and publish it to the server. Ensure
that you have the Open in Excel Services selected so that the browser opens with the workbook
displayed. If you already published the workbook, you can simply open it in the browser
directly from the document library on the server.
Switch to the Source Data Tables tab. (This is the last tab in the workbook, so you may need to
scroll to it.)
Click the Find button on the toolbar. This displays the Find dialog box shown in Figure 10-19.
Type south in the Find What field.
Click the Find Next button. You are taken to the first entry for Southwest in the sheet.
Click the Close button to exit the dialog box.
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