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Excel Web Access Interactivity Settings
Figure 10-19
Excel Web Access Interactivity Settings
In this last section of the chapter, you explore the EWA settings that control interactivity within the Web
Part. This section does not cover all the settings you will see for the Web Part. You have already covered
a few of them in Chapter 5, and a few more are covered in proceeding chapters. For a complete reference
to all available settings, check the online help in the product.
The settings that control interactivity are in the Navigation And Interactivity section of the EWA Web
Part properties. There is a top-level setting that controls whether or not interactivity is allowed for this
instance of the Web Part. If you do not allow interactivity, then the user viewing the workbook in the
browser is limited to viewing only the data in the workbook as it was published. The user cannot
perform such tasks as sorting and filtering the data. You can also enable and disable interactivity in more
granular settings.
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