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Using the EWA Web Part properties, you can enable or disable the following:
Workbook navigation (including paging between sheets, as well as between objects)
All workbook interactivity (which disables all of the following options)
Parameter modification
Displaying the Parameters task pane (Chapter 12 describes cases in which it is relevant to
hide the Parameters task pane but enable parameter modification.)
Sorting (which disables sorting in AutoFilters, tables, and PivotTables)
Filtering (which disables filtering in AutoFilters, tables, and PivotTables)
PivotTable interactivity (which removes all other interactivity from PivotTables, such as
Periodic refresh of external data (as discussed in Chapter 5)
You can also control whether the toolbar appears in its entirety, without the Find functionality, with only
the item navigation controls (for both within a sheet and within objects), or not at all.
There are a number of different scenarios for which controlling the level of interactivity supported is
important (as described in Chapter 12). These scenarios assume that users will be viewing the
workbook in a custom Web Part page with the EWA part on them. The out-of-the-box Excel Viewer page
has all interactivity options enabled. If you want to change the default viewing experience, you have
to edit this page or replace it.
This chapter focused on interacting with a workbook in the browser. Excel Services is designed to
enable users to view and interact in the browser with workbooks authored in Excel. The interactivity
options supported are in line with this design point. You cannot edit a formula, change formatting, or
start typing in any cell. You can, however, explore workbooks and the data in them, or the external
data sources they are connected to. You can also use parameters to leverage calculation models
defined in the workbook.
In this chapter, you learned to do the following:
Navigate within worksheets, within workbooks, and using hyperlinks
Use the Table feature to sort and filter data
Use PivotTables
Define and work with workbook parameters
Use the EWA toolbar
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