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Chapter 11: Controlling Workbook Distribution
sees the workbook. To achieve this using Office SharePoint Server and Excel Services, you need to
have a single, sanctioned version of the workbook and control who can view it. The first half of this
chapter examines getting to a single, sanctioned version of the workbook.
First, you must control who can author a workbook and publish it to Excel Services. Then, you must enable
approval and review of the workbook to ensure that this is the sanctioned version before making it broadly
In this section, you create a document library that is the official sales report repository. For the sake of
demonstration, this is the location where your users go to see the sanctioned versions of sales reports.
You learn how to control who can actually save workbooks into this library, and how you can control
which workbooks are made broadly available through content approval and review workflows.
Controlling Who Can Publish Workbooks
To publish a workbook to Excel Services, the workbook author must have permissions to save the
workbook to a location that is defined as an Excel Services trusted location. (Trusted locations were covered
in depth in Chapter 8.) This is the first step towards controlling workbook distribution. It requires a
SharePoint Shared Services Administrator to define which locations are trusted, and then it requires a
Site Administrator to give permission to the workbook author to save workbooks into that location. A
workbook author must have at least the Contribute permissions in SharePoint.
The following Try It Out assumes that you are either an administrator of the entire Office SharePoint
Server (a Site Administrator), or have the permissions to create and control document libraries a site on
the server. It is also assumed that the document library you are creating is defined as a trusted location
either through inheritance from the entire site or server, or specifically. If you are the administrator and
need to add the document library to the list of trusted locations, refer to Chapter 7 to see how this is done.
Try It Out Controlling Who Can Publish Workbooks
To control who can publish workbooks, follow these steps:
Open a browser with the home page for your Office SharePoint Server installation. If you do not
have permissions to create a document library at the root site, navigate to the site in which you do.
In the left navigation pane, click the View All Site Content link.
Click Create on the toolbar.
Click Document Library in the Libraries column.
In the Name field, type Sales Reports . (A description is optional.)
Leave the Navigation setting as Yes.
Leave the Document Version History setting as No.
Change the Document Template to Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet. The page should look
similar to the one in Figure 11-1.
Click the Create button at the bottom of the page. Your document library is created.
On the document library toolbar, select the Document Library Settings option from the Settings
drop-down menu, as shown in Figure 11-2.
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