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Chapter 11: Controlling Workbook Distribution
Figure 11-1
There may be additional users already listed on this page. This could be true if you are using an existing
document library, or if the library is inheriting permissions from the parent site. If this is the case, and
you want to ensure that only specific authors can save workbooks here, remove the unwanted users by
checking the box next to their usernames and selecting Remove User Permission from the Actions
dropdown menu.
On the Add Users page, type the usernames for the users who are your sanctioned workbook
authors (those to whom you want to give permission to save workbooks into this document
There are two ways to give authors permission to save workbooks into this library. You can either give
them a Contribute or higher (Approve, Manage Hierarchy, Design, or Full Control) right, or you can
add them to a SharePoint User Group that has one of those rights. For the purposes of this example, give
them the specific Contribute right.
In the Give Permission section, ensure that the Give Users Permission Directly option is selected.
Select the Contribute permission. The page should now look similar to Figure 11-3.
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