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Chapter 11: Controlling Workbook Distribution
Figure 11-3
When a workbook (or any file) is saved to a document library in which content approval is required, it
remains in Pending state until someone with the Approve permission assigns it the Approved status.
As long as the workbook is in Pending state, it can only be viewed by the author and users who have
Approve or higher permission (specifically, users who have the right to view drafts). Users who are the
target readers of the workbooks do not have this permission and, therefore, do not see the workbook
until it has been approved. This helps you use the server to guarantee that people are looking at the
right, sanctioned workbook.
In the next Try It Out, you set up content approval on the Sales Reports document library. Continue from
where you ended in the previous Try It Out, in the Sales Report document library.
Try It Out Setting Up and Using Content Approval
To set up and use content approval, follow these steps:
In the Sales Report document library, select Document Library Settings from the Settings
dropdown menu.
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