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Chapter 11: Controlling Workbook Distribution
Figure 11-6
Using content approval is a straightforward way to ensure that a workbook published to the server
is reviewed prior to being broadly available. In the next section, you learn how to use the workflow
features of Office SharePoint Server to drive more sophisticated approval processes.
Using Workflows to Review Workbooks
Chapter 1 introduced the workflows that are supplied out-of-the-box with Office SharePoint Server. In
this section, you set up an Approval workflow on the Sales Reports document library. This workflow lets
you create either a parallel or a serial approval process. You create tasks for the approvers, and they are
notified by e-mail that they need to complete these tasks. After everyone has approved the workbook,
the approval status state is changed from Pending to Approved, similar to the manual content approval
process described in the previous section. Approvers also have the option of rejecting a document,
requiring changes in it, or reassigning the approval task to someone else.
In the following Try It Out, you set the approval workflow to start any time a document is created
or changed in the Sales Report document library. You give approvers one day to complete their
reviewing task.
To use the e-mail notification functionality in a workflow, you must configure Office SharePoint Server
to work with an existing e-mail server.
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