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Chapter 11: Controlling Workbook Distribution
Figure 11-10
In the following Try It Out, you track workflows in progress to see their status. First, you trigger the
workflow you just created on the Sales Report document library. Then, you check the status on this workflow.
Try It Out Tracking Workflow Progress
To track workflow progress, follow these steps:
Return to the Sales Report document library.
To trigger a Sales Report Approval workflow, publish or upload a new workbook into the
document library. This triggers the workflow, because you marked it to start when items are created
and updated.
The document library now has a Sales Report Approval column that tracks the status of this workflow
for each item in the list.
Open the drop-down menu next to the workbook name and select Workflows. The Workflows
page for the Sales Report document library is displayed, as shown in Figure 11-11. From this page,
you can manually start a workflow, or track running and completed workflows. The Sales Report
Approval workflow is displayed in the Running Workflows section.
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