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Chapter 11: Controlling Workbook Distribution
Figure 11-11
Click the Sales Report Approval link. This takes you to the status page for the specific workflow.
The status page shows you which tasks are outstanding and what events have already occurred
for the workflow, as shown in Figure 11-12. You can use this page to manage workflows that are
in progress. For example, you can change reviewers or tasks, or cancel the workflow in progress.
You can also access the workflow reports.
If you set up yourself as a reviewer in the previous Try It Out (to test the process), you should have received
an e-mail notification requesting that you review the Sales Report for accuracy. You can approve a
document as part of a workflow using these methods:
Through the actual task created for it in the relevant task list. As shown in Figure 11-13, the task
includes a link to the workbook and gives the option to approve, reject, reassign, or request a
change in the file.
Directly from within the client application (Excel in this case). When you open a workbook that
has a workflow action associated with it, you are notified that you have a task pending. You
have the same options to approve, reject, reassign, or request a change directly from with in
Excel, as shown in Figure 11-14.
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