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Chapter 11: Controlling Workbook Distribution
Figure 11-13
Using Check-In, Check-Out, and Versioning
To further enhance your ability to manage workbook distribution, you can use the version tracking
features of Office SharePoint Server. You can track versions of workbooks as they are checked in, which
gives you access to previous versions of a workbook so that you can review changes that made during
multiphase or collaborative workbook authoring. It also lets you restore a workbook to a previous
version if a mistake is made in a more recent edit.
In addition, with content approval, an author can make changes on a workbook while everyone else sees
the previous approved version. With document versioning, authors are able to maintain numerous
iterations of a workbook while making only the last approved major version available for everyone to see.
In the following Try It Out, you learn how to turn on versioning for a specific document library, work with
major and minor versions of a workbook, and view the history of changes performed on a workbook.
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