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Chapter 11: Controlling Workbook Distribution
Publish sales report.xlsx to the Sales Reports document library. When you do this, a minor
version of the workbook is created and it is automatically checked out to you (the author).
In Excel, click the Office button, and select Check In from the Server fly-out menu, as shown in
Figure 11-16.
The Check In dialog box lets you choose between checking in a major and minor version, as
shown in Figure 11-17. Select the 1.0 Major Version (Publish) option to check in a major version
of the workbook.
At this point, the major version has been checked in, but it hasn’t been approved. Content
approval is integrated with versioning. When both are set to work on a document library, a
minor version is set as a draft of the file and does not require approval. It is also not broadly
visible. When you check in a major version, it is considered a published file that requires
content approval before it becomes broadly available. In the next step, you approve this
version of the workbook.
Figure 11-16
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