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Controlling Workbook Viewing
Figure 11-21
In the following Try It Out, you create a workbook snapshot to see how it is different from the original
workbook. This exercise assumes that you are logged in as a user with the View Only permission, although
a user who also has full control of the workbook can also access the workbook snapshots feature.
Try It Out Creating Workbook Snapshots
To create a workbook snapshot, follow these steps:
Log in to Office SharePoint as the user you created earlier who has View Only permission to the
Sales Reports document library. You can do this by logging into Windows as this user, running
the browser session as this user, or selecting the Sign In As A Different User option from the
SharePoint drop-down menu (as previously shown in Figure 11-20).
From the Sales Report workbook drop-down menu, select Snapshot In Excel. (You can also
access this functionality from the Open menu on the toolbar when viewing the workbook in the
browser.) The workbook snapshot opens in Excel client.
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