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Controlling Workbook Viewing
Leave the Sales Reports default in the Alert Title field.
Keep only your e-mail in the Send Alerts To box (this should be the default).
Keep the All Changes default option selected in the Change Type section. This allows you
to select the granularity of changes from tracking only new items to tracking every
modification made.
Keep the Anything Changes default option selected in the Send Alerts For These Changes
section. This lets you track any changes to documents made by someone else as well as documents
that you own or have worked on.
Keep the Send E-mail Immediately default option selected in the When To Send Alerts section.
Click OK at the bottom of the page.
You will receive an e-mail message that you have successfully created an alert. The
message will contain a link to the page where you can delete and manage alerts. You can also
do this by returning to the document library and opening the Alert Me page again.
To test the alert feature, upload a new workbook into the document library. This triggers an
alert e-mail to be sent out.
In the following Try It Out, you subscribe to an RSS feed from this document library. It is assumed that
RSS feeds have been turned on for the server. If not, you (or the server administrator) need to do this on
the Web Applications General Settings page in the Central Administration of the server.
Try It Out Subscribing to an RSS Feed
To subscribe to an RSS feed, follow these steps:
Return to the document library page for the Sales Report library and select Document Library
Settings from the Settings drop-down menu.
Select RSS Settings in the Communication Settings column. The Modify List RSS Settings page is
displayed (see Figure 11-24), where you can set the various attributes of the RSS feed, including
which columns to include in RDD description and whether or not to attach the documents or
links to the document to the feed.
In the List RSS section, ensure that the RSS is allowed for this list (the default).
Leave the default settings in the RSS Channel Information section.
In the Document Options section, select the Link RSS Items Directly To Their Files option.
Leave the defaults in the remainder of the settings, and click OK at the bottom of the page.
You can choose to have the file attached to the RSS item, but this is only for users who have permissions
to read and open the workbook file.
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