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Controlling Workbook Viewing
Figure 11-24
Return to the Sales Report document library using the navigation breadcrumb link at the top of
the settings page.
Select the View RSS Feed option from the Actions drop-down menu. The RSS feed for this
document library is displayed, as shown in Figure 11-25. You can either subscribe to the feed from
here, or copy the feed URL to any RSS viewer application.
As you learned in this section, the Excel Services workflow, alert, and RSS feed features can help you
manage workbook distribution. When workbook authors publish their files to sanctioned document libraries,
users can be automatically notified about and can view updates. You can also use these features in
collaborative authoring scenarios so that reviewers or people contributing the same workbook receive
notifications whenever something has changed in the files they are interested in.
Auditing Workbook Usage
Auditing is another way to manage workbook distribution. Though you do not need to turn on auditing
to control who can author and who can view workbooks, it provides you with the records of who did
just that. This can be very useful in supporting compliance scenarios, and to verify that your current
workbook-management solution is working.
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