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Controlling Workbook Viewing
Figure 11-25
You must be a Site Collection Administer to set up and use audit logs. As such, you can define audit
settings at the site level, define them as policies that can be applied to a document library, or define them
specifically for a document library. This section focuses on the latter.
Auditing is defined as part of the information-management policy settings for a document library. When
you set up a policy for a document library, you can enable auditing as part of that policy. You can audit
the following events out-of-the-box:
Opening, downloading, viewing items, and viewing item properties
Editing items
Checking out or checking in items
Moving or copying items to another location in the site
Deleting or restoring items
In addition, custom audit events can be programmed using the Office SharePoint Servers API. (That
topic isn’t covered in this topic.)
After you specify which events to audit for the document library (or site), an audit log is generated
and maintained by the server. You can then view a series of out-of-the-box audit reports. These reports
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