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Controlling Workbook Viewing
include content activity reports such as who changed files; policy and security reports that provide
information on changes to policy or security settings; and the ability to create a custom report based
on the audit log. All the reports are in Excel format so that you can use Excel to view and analyze your
audit log.
In the final two Try It Outs in this chapter, you set up an audit policy for the Sales Report document
library and then view the associated audit reports. This exercise assumes that you are a Site Collection
Try It Out Auditing Workbook Usage
To audit workbook usage, follow these steps:
Open the browser and navigate to the Sales Report document library you created earlier.
On the document library toolbar, select the Document Library Settings option from the Settings
drop-down menu.
Click the Information Management Policy Settings link in the Permissions And Management
Select the Define A Policy option and click OK.
Leave the sections for the policy name, statement, and labels as they are by default.
In the Auditing section, check the Enable Auditing option and select all five of the available
events listed, as shown in Figure 11-26.
Leave the expiration and barcode settings off (this should be their defaults).
Click OK at the bottom of the page.
You have now created an audit policy for the Sales Reports document library. Every time a workbook is
created, updated, deleted, or viewed, an entry is written in the servers audit log. Users do not know that
this is happening, nor do they have a way of circumventing this.
Next, you look at the audit log reports for the document library. To make things interesting, you can
view, upload, or delete one or more workbooks from this document library so that a few events are
generated in the log.
Try It Out Viewing Audit Log Reports
To view audit log reports, follow these steps:
Open the Site Actions drop-down menu, and then select Modify All Site Settings from the Site
Settings fly-out menu, as shown in Figure 11-27.
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