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Controlling Workbook Viewing
Figure 11-26
If you are not already at the top-level site of your site collection, click the Go To Top Level Site
Settings link in the Site Collection Administration column.
In the Site Collection Administration column, click Audit Log Reports under. You are presented
with a choice of predefined audit log reports or creating a customer report, as shown in
Figure 11-28.
Select the Content Modifications report, save the file, and open it in Excel client to view the
audit log analysis.
You can explore the other reports on this page. You can also choose to run a customer report. All of these
reports build off of the audit log that is generated on the server. The detailed log is available on one of
the sheets in the workbook, and a PivotTable is created off of the log table to facilitate analysis.
This completes the tour of the primary features you can use to manage workbook distribution. Next, you
learn how to put it all together to provide a complete solution.
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