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The End-to-End Scenario
Figure 11-27
The End-to-End Scenario
Now that you have seen all the components for managing workbook distribution, you can set up a system
that enables the end-to-end scenario. Not all workbooks need to be diligently managed and controlled,
but for those that do, you can use a combination of features to manage their distribution. Do not distribute
workbooks using the existing methods of sending workbooks through e-mail, placing them in file shares,
or even simply placing them in document libraries. Instead, set up specific document libraries that are
defined as trusted locations for your Excel Services. Then you can do the following:
Control which users can author workbooks into these libraries.
Control which users can access those libraries to read the workbooks, and ensure that they
have View Only permissions to view the server-based workbooks.
Set up content approval and/or approval workflows to ensure that the workbooks that are
broadly accessible have been reviewed by the right people.
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