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Chapter 1: Introduction to Excel Services
Introduction to
Excel Services
Microsoft Office Excel has existed on the desktop for more than 20 years. It is by far the most broadly
used spreadsheet tool available. And in Microsoft Office 2007, Excel is significantly enhanced. In
Figure 1-1, you can see that quite a bit has changed in the last 20 years.
Today, spreadsheets are used more broadly than ever. Spreadsheets are often business- and
missioncritical, and calculations range from trivial to those that require hours of compute time. There is a
whole new set of needs for sharing spreadsheets broadly, incorporating them in web-based
applications, and meeting compliance and regulation demands. In Office 2007, Microsoft has introduced a
new product to address these and other needs: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Excel Services is
a part of Office SharePoint Server that extends Excel to the server, enabling server-based workbook
calculations, browser-based access to workbooks, and a web services interface to workbooks.
As with any new technology, there is a lot to learn, and many questions to answer. This topic
will help you get acquainted with Excel Services. The topic is intended for people learning about,
deploying, and using Excel Services. After reading the topic, and going through the exercises, you
will have a firm understanding of the benefits that Excel Services offers end users, how
administrators can set up and manage Excel Services, and how developers can leverage Excel Services
This chapter introduces Excel Services. It first explains what problems Excel Services was designed
to address. It then discusses what Excel Services is at a high level, and the key scenarios that are
targeted with the initial release. Finally, it attempts to preempt any misconceptions by discussing
what Excel Services is not.
The remaining chapters of this topic guide you through installing, setting up, and using Excel
This topic does not cover what is new in Excel 2007, nor does it cover Microsoft Office
SharePoint Server broadly. The focus is on Excel Services functionality.
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