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The End-to-End Scenario
Figure 11-28
Enforce document versioning so that workbook authors can work on draft versions without
making them broadly available and so that you retain a version history.
Set up alerts and feeds for users who want to be notified of workbooks added and updated in
the document library.
Turn on auditing for these documents so that you have an audit trail of who authored, changed,
and viewed workbooks.
By following this process, you are ensuring that there is one location of the sanctioned version of any
critical workbook. You are also ensuring that the users viewing these workbooks are looking at that sanctioned
version. Because they can only access the workbook on the server, they users are always looking at the
latest approved workbook.
There are a number of additional features that this topic does not cover that can help you manage
workbook distribution. You can learn more about these through Office SharePoint Servers online help or other
reference material. A few specific features worth looking at are Policies, Document Expiration, Information
Rights Management, and Usage Reports.
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