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Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions
Figure 12-7
Click the icon to the right of the Workbook URL text box. This displays a file selector that lets
you point at the workbook instead of manually typing in the URL.
The file selector opens with the Reports Library page. Select the Sales Report workbook you
uploaded into the library and click OK.
Back in the New Item form, click the icon to the right of the Cell Address For Indicator Value
text box. A pop-up window displaying the workbook in the browser opens, as shown in
Figure 12-8.
Switch to the Sales By Reseller Type sheet.
Scroll to the total of all sales in the bottom right of the table and select cell O13.
Click the Set button to set the cell address for the indicator value (the top one of the three set
buttons). You should see ‘Sales By Reseller Type’!O13 in the text box.
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