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Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions
Figure 12-9
Because the indicator is extracted from the workbook every time the list is viewed, you are always
guaranteed the latest value for the goal. This also means that the server must open and potentially calculate
the workbook every time someone views the indicator list. You can also update the indicator value
manually if you know when the workbook updates and will update the indicator with it, or if you do
not want the indicator to update with every workbook change, but rather control when it does. This
also reduces the load on the server, because the value is cached with the indicator and Excel Services
must only open and calculate the workbook when you manually choose Update from the user interface.
Try It Out Manually Updating an Indicator
To manually update an indicator, follow these steps:
In the KPI list you created, hover the mouse over the Total Revenue indicator name and select
Edit Properties from the drop-down menu.
Scroll down to the Update Rules section and expand it by clicking the + sign icon.
Select the option to manually update the value, as shown in Figure 12-11.
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