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Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions
Figure 12-10
Click OK at the bottom of the page. In the KPI list, the indicator value is updated from the
workbook. However, from this point on, the value is cached in the SharePoint list item and
is not updated, even if the workbook changes.
When you chose to manually update the value for an indicator, the latest value from the workbook is
stored in cache every time you select Update (and the first time you create it). This means that all users
see this value, regardless of their permissions for the original workbook. This could be something that
you do on purpose, or it could be seen as a security risk. If you need to protect the values in the
workbook, be sure you keep it updating for every viewer automatically. This way, only viewers with access
to the workbook and the specific cell in the workbook see the values in the indicator list.
To manually update the indicator value, select Update from the drop-down menu next to the
indicator name in the list. (Note that the value has not changed in the workbook and, thus,
won’t actually change.)
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