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Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions
Figure 12-12
On the newly created dashboard, click Open The Tool Pane so you can add content at the top of
the dashboard.
Click the Rich Text Editor button on the right side of the Web Part tool pane. Use the editor to
type brief introductory text for the dashboard. For this example, type the following: This is the
sales dashboard for the company. Refer to the metrics and reports on this page for a complete
picture of sales. Use this dashboard to see how the forecasts are helping us reach our targets .
Click the OK button at the bottom of the Web Part tool pane to close it.
Adding Workbooks to a Dashboard
The next step is to start adding workbooks to the dashboard. The template sets up EWA Web Parts for
you on the page. In the following Try It Out, you customize these Web Parts to show different sections of
the Sales Report workbook. (You can use a different workbook in each Web Part instead, but this exercise
is to show you how to configure Web Parts.)
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