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Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions
Try It Out Configuring Excel Web Access Parts
To configure the Web Access Web Parts, follow these steps:
In the Excel Web Access Web Part on the left, Excel Web Access [1], click the Click Here To Open
The Tool Pane link. The Web Part tool pane is displayed.
In the Web Part tool pane, click the icon with the three dots to the right of the workbook text
box. This opens the asset picker dialog box where you can choose the workbook that you want
to display in this Web Part.
Double-click Reports Library to open it.
Double-click Sales Report to select it. The workbook URL appears in the Workbook text box.
Select a named item to display by entering RegionalSalesSummary in the text box.
Click Apply at the bottom of the tool pane to verify that you have set up the workbook and item
correctly. They should display in the Web Part.
Now that you have selected a workbook and a named item to display in the Web Part, you
modify a few additional settings on the Web Part to streamline the display for the
dashboard in the remaining steps.
In the Toolbar and Title Bar section, choose Navigation Only. This enables paging through the
named item, if necessary, but removes the rest of the toolbar.
In the Toolbar Menu Commands section, uncheck Named Item Drop-Down List to remove it
from the toolbar. By doing this, you ensure that users cannot change named items, and you can
control what the dashboard looks like.
In the Toolbar And Title Bar section, uncheck Autogenerate Web Part Title. (You give the Web
Part a custom title in the next step.)
Expand the Appearance section by clicking the + icon.
In the Appearance section, change the title to Regional Sales Summary .
In the Navigation And Interactivity section, uncheck Display Parameters Task Pane. (You use
the parameter in filtering.) This disables the task pane, which provides more room for the actual
summary data and ensures that users can only change the value through the filter that you set up.
Click OK at the bottom of the tool pane. At this point, your dashboard should look like
Figure 12-13.
Configure the second Excel Web Access Web Part to display a chart from the same workbook.
To do this, repeat the previous steps, this time for the Excel Web Access Web Part on the right.
Provide the same workbook. In step 5, replace RegionalSalesSummary with ResellerSalesChart .
Change the title in step 11 to Reseller Sales . After you click OK in step 13, your dashboard
should include the Regional Sales table and the Reseller Sales chart.
Next, you configure the KPI part, using the KPI list you created in the previous section.
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