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Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions
Figure 12-14
At any point, you can exit the page edit mode for the dashboard to see what your dashboard will look
like when you finish editing it. You can do this by clicking the Save And Stop Editing button or the
Check In button on the toolbar at the top of the page. To return to editing the page, select Edit Page
from the Site Actions menu. This functionality is similar to the document management functionality
you used to control workbooks. You can use similar concepts for check-in and check-out, approval
workflows, and so on, to manage dashboards.
Connecting Web Parts to a Filter
When you connect the EWA Web Parts to a filter, you can change the forecast numbers and see the effects
on all the views. Office SharePoint Server includes a set of filter Web Parts. Their primary use is to filter
other Web Parts in dashboards.
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