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Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions
In the following Try It Out, you add a Choice List filter to provide three scenarios for forecasts: pessimistic,
realistic, and optimistic. Each of these drives a different value into the workbook parameter for forecast,
which, in turn, drives a calculation of a new forecast number.
Try It Out Filtering Excel Workbooks on a Dashboard
To filter an Excel workbook on a dashboard, follow these steps:
With the dashboard still in edit mode, click the Add a Filter button in the Filter Zone in the
upper-left corner of the page. This displays a list of the filter Web Parts that you can add, as
shown in Figure 12-15. Only the filter Web Parts are listed because you are in a filter zone.
Check the Choice Filter box, and then click the Add button.
In the newly added Choice Filter Web Part, click the Open The Tool Pane link.
In the Filter tool pane on the right side of the page, type Forecast Scenario as the Filter Name.
Figure 12-15
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