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Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions
The choice filter uses a named-value pair list. In the choice text box, you enter each value and
description with a semicolon between them (value;description) on separate lines. For this
example, enter -5%;pessimistic , 5%;realistic , and 10%;optimistic , as shown on the right side
of Figure 12-16.
You can expand the Advanced Filter Options to select a default value, but, in this case, the default is the
value that is already in the workbook.
Click OK at the bottom of the tool pane.
Now you need to hook up the filter to the EWA Web Parts on the page. On the Choice Filter
Web Part you just created, open the drop-down edit menu, and select Connections
Send Filter
Regional Sales Summary to send the values to the Regional Sales Summary EWA Web
Part (see Figure 12-17).
Figure 12-16
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