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Chapter 12: Business Intelligence Solutions
Select Optimistic and click the OK button.
Click the Apply Filters button. The dashboard refreshes and the values in the two EWA Web
Parts reflect a 10 percent increase in Q4 sales forecasts. (You may need to scroll the workbook
to see this, depending on your screen resolution.)
You now have a working dashboard. The next section gives you a few tips on how to set up the Excel
Web Part so it works well in a dashboard.
Tips on Working with Excel Web Parts
As you can already tell from setting up the dashboard, there are a number of design decisions you need to
make when using the EWA part on dashboards. Use the following tips as a guideline when you need to
set up Web Part properties in the tool pane (by choosing Modify A Shared Web Part from the Web Part
edit drop-down menu):
Set up workbooks to display specific items whenever possible. This way, you minimize the need
to page within the dashboard, because you can use Named Item view to display the entire item
instead of a small range of rows and columns.
When you are displaying an item in the workbook, ensure that the user sticks with that item
because it is integral to the dashboard. You can do this by turning off the Named Item
DropDown List or disabling workbook navigation altogether. The latter also disables switching
sheets and paging through the workbook.
If you are using Sheet view or displaying the entire workbook, you can manually enter the
number of rows and columns to return in the Web Part properties. This way, you can override
the default settings to make the range smaller and fit better within the dashboard, or include
an entire section of the sheet that you want displayed.
Whether you are using Sheet view or Named Item view, consider publishing the workbook with
grid lines set to Off. This gives your dashboard a cleaner look. If you are using Sheet view,
consider turning row and column headers off as well. You can do both of these things from the Page
Layout tab in Excel client.
To maximize real estate for the actual workbook content, consider removing the toolbar, or at
least using the summary or navigation-only toolbar. You can do both of these things from the
Web Part properties.
If you are using a workbook that has external data set to periodically refresh, consider turning
off the prompt using the Web Part properties so that the dashboard can refresh without user
To make the entire dashboard more readable, consider either removing the Web Part title bar,
or changing it from the autogenerated title. To do the latter, uncheck the autogenerate Web Part
title. Then, enter a custom title under Title in the Appearance section of the Web Part properties.
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