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Working with SQL Server Analysis Services
Figure 12-20
Figure 12-21
Enter the title Adventure Works Data . You can keep the rest of the settings as they are, or you
can change the keywords to make it easier for users to find this data connection.
Click the OK button to close the dialog box. An Import Data dialog box appears, prompting you
to select how you want to view the data in the workbook. You select this in the next Try It Out,
so just leave the dialog box open for now.
You now have a data connection file, Adventure Works.odc, stored in the DCL on your Sales Report
Center. This data connection file can be reused the next time you or another user wants to connect a
workbook to analyze data in the Adventure Works cube.
In the next Try It Out, you create two PivotTable reports, each showing different data from the Adventure
Works cube. You then publish them to the server. The first thing you do is define the report to refresh on
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