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Chapter 14: Building Custom Solutions
catch (System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException soapE)
//code to handle the SOAP exception goes here
A1 Notation
Many of the Excel Services web service methods have a parameter that references one or more cells. The
use of R1C1 notation to reference a cell is not supported. You can reference cells with A1 notation, object
names, or a defined name.
The Excel A1 notation uses column letters and row numbers to refer to a cell. The syntax of the A1
notation can vary slightly to allow for references to cells, columns, or even rows. The following table lists
some examples of supported cell references.
A1 Notation
Cell A1
Cells A1 through B5
Column A
Row 1
Columns A through C
Rows 1 through 5
Creating a Custom API Application
This section focuses on creating a managed code application that accesses the Excel Services web service.
Creating the application has the following prerequisites:
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 must be available.
Excel Services must be set up and ready to load workbooks.
An Excel workbook must be published to a trusted location where at least view permissions
are set.
Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 must be available (to reproduce the steps
noted here).
Creating the C# Console Application Project
Follow these steps to launch Visual Studio and create the C# console application:
Start Visual Studio.
Select File
Project to open the New Project dialog box.
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