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Web Service API Methods
Return Value
A status object is returned by default with a value of null . See the “Status Class” section, earlier in this
chapter, for an explanation of this return type.
Calling SetCell
The following example makes a SetCell call. The SetCell call is made against Sheet1 to set a date
value into cell K6 .
string xlSessionId;
Status[] xlStatus;
object cellValue;
xlSessionId = xlEcsApi.OpenWorkbook(
@”http://theexcelserver/testsite/Shared Documents/workbook.xlsb”,
out xlStatus);
cellValue = “5/30/2008”;
xlStatus = xlEcsApi.SetCell(
The GetWorkbook method of the Excel Services web service returns the workbook using one of the three
supported modes. The declaration for the GetWorkbook method looks like this:
public byte[] GetWorkbook(string sessionId, WorkbookType workbookType, out Status[]
Following are the parameters for this method:
sessionId (in) — The sessionId string that was returned from a prior OpenWorkbook call.
The session must still be active at the time of the GetWorkbook call. Making a GetWorkbook call
using a sessionId that has timed out results in a SOAP exception.
workbookType (in) — Use this WorkbookType type to specify the mode to be used when
retrieving the workbook. There are three supported enumerators for WorkbookType:
FullSnapshot — Maps to the entire workbook that is being used, and returns the
workbook in its current state, including the private state view if one exists.
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