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User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
return “Input: “ + userInput;
Deploying the UDF Assembly
UDF assemblies are enabled at the Shared Services Provider (SSP) level. Any UDF method calls in a
workbook to a UDF assembly that is not enabled will fail. Each ECS server in an SSP must be able to
access all of the enabled UDF assemblies, so ensure that the assemblies are accessible to each ECS that
needs access.
Follow these steps to make the UDF assembly accessible:
Build the xlUdf.dll assembly if you have not already done so.
Copy xlUdf.dll to a local folder on the ECS server. For example, place the assembly in
D:\Udfs\xlUdf.dll on the ECS server.
Follow these steps to add xlUdf.dll to the list of trusted UDF assemblies for the SSP:
Open the MOSS Central Administration by selecting Start
All Programs
Microsoft Office
SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration. The Central Administration page loads in the
2. Navigate to the trusted UDF assemblies administration page by clicking the SSP name
(ShareServices1, for example). Locate the link for the UDF assemblies and click it.
3. Register and enable the UDF by clicking the Add User-Defined Function Assembly link. The
page to add the UDF assembly is displayed.
4. Enter the assembly full path. For example, enter D:\Udfs\xlUdf.dll . You can use a network
share or a local file path. A second option is to add the assembly to the Global Assembly Cache
(GAC) and enter the Strong Name here instead of a file path.
5. If you entered a file path in the previous step, select File Path in the Assembly Location section
of the page. If instead you added the UDF assembly to the GAC and entered a Strong Name in
the previous step, select Global Assembly Cache.
6. Click the Assembly Enabled check box to enable the UDF.
7. Select OK to save the UDF Assembly settings and close the page. The xlUdf.dll assembly is now
registered and enabled.
8. Reset IIS. (This is necessary to enable a workbook to make calls to the UDF.)
Follow these steps to enable UDFs at the trusted file location level:
Click the Trusted File Locations link. The Trusted File Locations page loads and a list of the
defined trusted locations is displayed.
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