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EWA and API Working Together
Configuring the Context Editor Web Part
Follow these steps to configure the Context Editor Web Part:
1. must be in the same directory as the testPage1.aspx file, because it is used as
part of the solution to make Excel Services web service calls. Obtain from .
2. Click the edit link on the Context Editor Web Part and click Modify Shared Web Part. Click the
Source Editor button to open a Text Entry window where you can enter HTML and <script>.
3. Enter the following code into the Source Editor. Search for ‘WebPartWPQ4’ and replace
the string with the EWA Web Part ID that you noted in a previous procedure. Search for
theexcelserver:38712 and replace the string with your server information.
<! —
var iSessID;
function callSvc()
function callGetSessionInfo()
var sessionId = document.getElementById(‘_sessionId_xl’).value;
iSessID = service.EcsWs.callService(“GetSessionInformation”, sessionId);
function onWSGetResult()
// Error was returned
// Get the error details
var errCode = event.result.errorDetail.code;
var errString = event.result.errorDetail.string;
var errSoap = event.result.errorDetail.raw;
// Add code to handle specific error codes here
document.getElementById(‘_sessionInfo_xl’).value = “ERROR”;
// No error
else if((!event.result.error)&&(
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