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EWA and API Working Together
Figure 14-1
Selected Cell button — Clicking this button makes a call to the EWA
getHighlightedCellA1Reference function, which returns the currently selected cell in the EWA grid. The
string is returned in the format ‘Sheet1’!C15. When no cell is selected, null is returned.
Session Info button — Clicking this button makes an Excel Services web service
GetSessionInformation method call using the sessionId of the currently loaded workbook.
Managed-Code Approach
To implement this approach, you create a .NET Web application using C#. Next, you create a web page
that contains an EWA and a Page Viewer Web Part. The Page Viewer Web Part hosts the web application
to get the session ID from the EWA instance. The application then uses this session ID to make Excel
Services web service calls through local linking (not as a web reference).
Before you begin, the following prerequisites must be met:
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 must be available.
Excel Services must be set up and ready to load workbooks.
An Excel workbook must be published to a trusted location where at least View permissions are set.
You must have at least the Designer permission on a web page.
Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 must be available (to reproduce the steps
described here).
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