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This chapter introduced some of the programmability options that you can use to extend the
functionality of Excel Services. The chapter explained the API and all of its methods, and provided examples for
writing a managed API solution. Server UDFs were identified as a means of calling custom functions
from within workbooks, and you learned how to use the API to extend the EWA functionality within
SharePoint pages. Examples were included for customizing the xlviewer.aspx file to allow EWA property
values to be passed through the URL.
To summarize, you should now know how to do the following:
Create a managed code application to use the Excel Services web service
Author and deploy an Excel Services managed UDF assembly
Customize xlviewer.aspx to set EWA properties
Programmatically get the EWA session ID and author either JavaScript or managed-code to
interact with the EWA and its session using the API
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