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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
Forms can contain different controls (such as data pickers and combo boxes). The forms can be backed by
simple input validation or custom code. Forms can display data that comes from external data sources
because they push the data entered in the form back to an external data source.
Office SharePoint Server provides a complete forms-management solution, as well, that leverages all the
document-management functionality provided.
Business Intelligence
BI functionality is also built into Office SharePoint Server. It supports the creation of BI portals and
dashboards in Excel Services by providing browser-based spreadsheets that users can interact with to explore
data. In addition, Office SharePoint Server includes Report Center site templates, report libraries, key
performance indicator (KPI) lists and parts, Data Connection Libraries (DCLs), and support for building
and using dashboards.
Report Centers
Office SharePoint Server includes a template for Report Centers, which are sites focused on
disseminating BI information through the portal. As shown in Figure 1-8, the site includes a Report Library (which
is a customized document library that is tailored to support reports), a DCL, a report calendar, and a set
of default views and pages onto these collections.
Figure 1-8
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