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Five Key Ways to Use Excel Services
Chapter 12 describes how you can build a dashboard with Office SharePoint Server using Excel Services
to include workbooks in the dashboard.
Tying together all the functionality described is a unified setup, deployment, administration, and
monitoring system. It starts with one setup that delivers all the functionality described. Managing
topologies, administrating server settings, and monitoring server status and health is all unified as
well. Chapters 2 and 7 go into far more detail on all these topics as they pertain to Excel Services
functionality. For now, it is important to understand that Excel Services administration is an integral part
of Office SharePoint Server integration, and not a separate solution. With that said, there are numerous
settings that are specific to managing Excel Services functionality, which this topic covers in depth
as well.
The key to Office SharePoint Server is that all the capabilities are completely integrated into a single
product. Though you can use it as a document management system or as a portal, the real strength is building
solutions and applications that leverage all this functionality in an integrated way. The same is true for the
functionality provided by Excel Services. The needs described previously are best addressed when you
leverage Excel Services capabilities with the broad functionality of Office SharePoint Server.
There are many more capabilities and features of Office SharePoint Server that are definitely worth
learning about. This topic can only provide a brief overview. As the topic continues and expands on Excel
Services and walks you through setting-up, administrating, and using it, additional Office SharePoint
Server concepts are described. Excel Services is the Office SharePoint functionality that supports loading,
calculating, and rendering an Excel workbook on the server. The solutions that are detailed in the
following section, and described in further detail in Chapters 9 through 13, all focus on Excel Services
functionality, but also apply to additional Office SharePoint server features from the sets described.
Now that you have a basic understanding of the core set of needs users have for Excel, what Excel Services
is, and how it fits in the bigger Office SharePoint Server product, the next section describes the five key
ways that you can use Excel Services.
Five Key Ways to Use Excel Services
This section examines five key uses for Excel Services. These use cases line up with the needs described.
They also serve as examples in Chapters 9 through 13, which provide step-by-step guides to using Excel
Services for each one of these scenarios.
Distributing Workbooks Through the Browser
With Excel Services, you can calculate a workbook on the server and view the results in the browser.
This is the foundation for broad and secure distribution of workbooks. You use the Excel client to author
a workbook, or you can create or update the workbook programmatically. Then the consumers of the
workbook only need a browser to access, view, and explore it.
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