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Five Key Ways to Use Excel Services
Figure 1-12
When the workbook is shared using Excel Services, only one copy of the workbook exists (where the
workbook author saved it). Every time the consumers of the workbook want to view it, they navigate
to the link that they were provided. In this way, they are guaranteed to always see the latest version
available. In theory, you could also do this by sending an updated attachment or using a simple file
share; however, in both those cases the consumers of the workbook have a local copy (either in the
e-mail or ones that are saved), so there are no guarantees. Furthermore, for workbooks stored in Office
SharePoint Server document libraries and viewed using Excel Services, you can ensure that users do
not have permission to download and save a local copy of the workbook. Rather, they will only be
allowed to view the workbook through the browser. In this way, it is guaranteed that they are looking
at the sanctioned copy.
Accessing workbooks through Excel Services provides additional security. Users viewing workbooks
in the browser cannot change the values or formulas in those workbooks. In fact, they cannot see the
formulas at all. So, the workbook author is guaranteed that the model developed is protected, and the
values in the author’s analysis are not changed (either by mistake or on purpose). Authors know that
the workbook they distributed for others to view is the one they are seeing. Finally, as you will see in
greater detail in Chapter 9, the workbook author can also control which parts of a workbook are made
visible to users viewing the workbook through the browser. This provides an additional level of security.
Distributing workbooks through Excel Services and viewing them in the browser meets the need to
broadly share workbooks. It ensures that the sanctioned workbooks are being viewed, and that the
proprietary data and models in them are secure. There are a couple of additional benefits that are
worth calling out.
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