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This is not a complete list of what Excel Services is not. And this chapter did not address all the
potential uses that Excel Services does address. This is a new technology that is part of a new product. As you
discover and use Excel Services, you will find many more uses for this new technology than this topic
can cover, as well as scenarios and needs that are yet unmet.
Excel client has been around for more than 20 years and is probably the most commonly used business
software. In Microsoft Office 2007, Excel is extended to the server. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
and Excel Services solve problems that exist today, and enable a broad new range of scenarios. Whether
it is managing workbook distribution, or building BI dashboards that incorporate Excel workbooks,
server-side Excel capabilities are new and exciting.
The rest of this topic covers setting up and deploying the server, managing it, and using Excel Services
for the key scenarios discussed in this chapter. Chapter 2 walks you through setting up and configuring
Office SharePoint Server with Excel Services. You will set up an evaluation copy on a single-box
deployment, which will provide you with a server to use in the remainder of the examples in the topic.
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